We never know what the future has in store for us. We may make all sorts of plans and “dream our dreams” but these can all change in an instant. Our circumstances may change, we may experience ill health, we may find ourselves just feeling as though we cannot cope, it may be that some good fortune comes our way and we are able to expand our horizons or maybe we just perk up and whatever may be weighing us down seems to disappear as the morning mist.

In whatever circumstances we find ourselves there is wisdom in walking each day with God who is the One constant and in whom, as the Prayer book says, “there is no variableness nor shadow of turning.” As we look forward to another year we would do well to commit ourselves anew to the guiding and providential hand of God seeking his grace and his strength to live faithfully and trustingly in His love for us. To do that we ought to pray, to do that we ought to take comfort from the words of Scripture , to do that we ought to deepen our own devotion at Holy Communion and at other times in the week, to do this we need to support each other in our Christian pilgrimage and also have the humility to seek help as well as give it.

May God bless our work that we do in this parish and may 2015 be a time of renewal and deepening commitment to Jesus as we walk with Him trying our very best to effective agents of His love compassion and hope in our community.

The Vicar