The Annual General Meeting of Parishioners takes place on Sunday the 17th of April. The thought of this event may not fill many folk with great feelings of excitement and unbridled euphoria! However it is a necessary element in the way in which the Church of England, in this present age, governs itself. Churchwardens are elected as are members of the Parochial Church Council. In addition the Treasurer submits his report on the finances of the Church and also the parish hall; no mean task that! It is also an opportunity for the Churchwardens to report on various matters relating to the fabric of the Church and to bring to the attention of the Church the array of people who make a positive and enriching contribution to her life and witness. It is also a time when the Vicar can submit his thoughts on matters spiritual in the life of the parish.

We ought all to be very thankful for the numbers of laity who take upon themselves the responsibilities that are part and parcel of being an Officer of this Church of Saint Anne. This year we have three people aged between 16 and 19 who are standing for the PCC – this is truly fantastic! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank those who have served on the PCC and who are, in this year, standing down. For some that has been a relatively short time for others much longer. It would be very wrong of me not to single out Joyce Johnson who has served loyally for 45 years. In that time she has proffered insight and wisdom across a whole range of areas of Church life; and we are grateful to her.

St Paul writes about the Church as the Body of Christ. If that Body is to be effective she needs a continual stream of people, young and old, who are prepared to commit themselves in the short and longer term. Each person has a vital part to play so that the Body remains healthy and supported in the task to which Christ has called us all.

Every Blessing
The Vicar