Over twenty years ago in 2002, Bury Council approached Church to see if we would be willing and able to organise a public celebration of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in Tottington. A group of people came together to plan an event intended to mark this momentous Jubilee and at the same time offer something to our community. The event was to be staged in Whitehead Gardens and incorporate the use of the facilities within the Church Hall. As the Hall was to be used it was agreed that proceeds would go to support the running of the Hall, thus as well as the celebrations much needed funds were raised to support the running and maintenance of the Hall. What they conceived was “Music in the Park” and although quite rudimentary in its infancy it expanded in scale and scope until the number of people participating started to outgrow the capacity of the original venue.

Fortunately, there were others within the village who had the vision to recognise the value of a community event in bringing us together in enjoyment and fellowship, and with the foresight of St John’s Cricket Club “Tottington’s Big Day Out” was born.

Organising and running an event of the scale and magnitude of TBDO takes incredible commitment and effort before, during and after the day itself, and we should therefore be thankful that there are those who are willing to step forward in the way they do. It is however a burden that we should not ask that they shoulder on their own and I would encourage us all to look to consider how we can contribute. Volunteering our time and talents makes an immeasurable different to us and those around us. It was Winston Churchill who said, “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”

There is also another reason why supporting TBDO is so important and that is the financial contribution it continues to make to the running of our church hall and our ability to be able to reach out to all. The hall is used by a broad spectrum of different group including Scouts and Guides. What may surprise some is that neither the national Church of England nor our Diocese are able to fund the costs of our church, so it is only through the incredible generosity of those who regularly give money and events like TBDO that we are able to function and hence why supporting the running of TBDO is so vitally important. To offer some perspective in 2023 the proceeds from TBDO amounted to a third of the church hall’s total income.

Thus, TBDO offers us a “Trinity” of benefits. First it allows the community of Tottington to enjoy a wonderful day, second it offers the opportunity to enrich ourselves and contribute to our community by volunteering ““No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another”; and third it plays a vital role in supporting the running costs of our church.

If you are unsure of how you might be able to help do please reach out and we will welcome you with open arms

Every Blessing