Ken Bayliss retired as Church Organist last week having carried out 40 years sat on the organ stool!! What I said about him can be found in my sermon here. We now have a rota of four organists with Alan Beedie taking the Choir for practice. It is planned that they will sing traditional Evensong at various times during the year including Candlemas, Ascension, St Anne’s Day and All Souls. We are intending to extend the choir and encourage as many as possible to join. I have been into Tottington Primary School and Greenmount Primary School and there have already been inquiries made from children and adults alike. If you would be interested to join, or just see if it is for you contact me and I will add you to the list.

A big thank you to our new Master of the Brass, John Thornhill who has single handed stripped down and polished our beloved Eagle Lectern. John, who is in his mid  twenties, is a new sidesman at Church and a member of the Reserve Army. He has now established an inventory of all brass and will be soritng them out on a six monthly basis – very army and very good!

The work has also begun on the Garden of Remembrance at the front of Church with the help of a legacy from the late Marjorie Howarth. With the appropriate Faculty and MBC authority trees have been attended to and work started to install a bespoke railing at the front to match our existing Victorian iron and the steps leading up to Church being completely overhauled with a proper handrail installed. We will be planting two new oaks at the east end of the Churchyard to replace the conifers. If you would like to contribute to this project please see Roger Morley.

The final phase of making safe the path through the bottom of the Churchyard is now almost complete which is very good news for everyone and a big thank you to John Williams for re installing the bell rope in Church that is now back in action and calling the faithful to prayer……..which by the way, underpins all of the ablove. Many thanks to all those who work so tirelessly for the Church

Every Blessing Vicar