What! Lent Already! But we’ve only just finished Christmas! Yes indeed the season of Lent is upon us. It is a time for fasting, contrition, self examination and resolve. How we go about it is entirely up to us. No record is kept and no inquisitional interrogation made as to what we are up to….or not as the case may be. Isobel Hinchliffe will be leading a study group that will give those who do attend to think seriously and with direction about the purpose of Lent and how it intersects with our Christian pilgrimage. Will the Vicar grow a beard or will he not? Who knows – he certainly doesn’t quite yet.

Deciding upon a discipline for Lent isn’t easy and certainly ought to be rather more than changing one’s physical appearance. Reading the Gospel of St John or one of the other Gospels is a sound exercise as some of our confirmation candidates did last year. Making ourselves more familiar with the Gospel story and especially Jesus’ Passion can really deepen our own prayer life and our closeness to the One who sits at its centre.

It might be that we decide to have a mobile free day once a week, or a screen free day in order to allow our brains to slow down a bit and to rest our minds to reflect on the story of Lent. The penitential season of Lent gives us the disciplined time to assess the Faith in our own lives and to greet the wonder and the mystery of Easter Day with our lives renewed and our hearts inspired.