This, dear readers, is my last offering for the parish website.

Now, stop weeping, pull yourselves together and get a grip! It has, in truth, been something of a struggle to put finger to keyboard, my desire to be neither self-referential or sentimental. It is certainly not a valedictory address in which one reflects upon 27 years; nor ought it to be a quasi-funeral eulogy. It is simply a few words from the Vicar for the month of March.

So then, we are now in the season of Lent. The faithful have been ashed and we have embarked upon our particular disciplines that hopefully will be maintained until Easter Day. As we prepare to leave this place keeping our Lenten discipline will be more awkward than usual. We have to get the packing done, the legal bits and bats sorted, we have to make numerous personal admin arrangements, Harry has to alter his change of address (that will startle the Captain of his Ship I’m sure!), Freddie has to make his various preparations, decisions made about what to keep and what not to keep, a comprehensive inventory has to be made, the cars need dealing with, the crossing and journey down needs to be organised and booked and on and on and on.

Amidst all of this however and in the first place each day is God. When I came to this parish 27 years ago I recall thinking to myself, I cannot do this without God. I have the same thought as we look forward to serving the Church in a very different place. God is faithful. Lent is such a wonderful opportunity to draw closer to God through our private prayers, our devotional reading and in receiving the Sacrament. But this should be so for all of us and in every situation and not just because the removal man is arriving! In the first place, every day, God.

As a family we move away from Tottington after many years, I simply say to you all, as I always have “Keep The Faith.” We shall do our best to do just that in pastures new, serving the Lord’s House, seeking His strength and His grace – without which we surely can do nothing.

Your good friend,

The Vicar