This year there are twenty candidates making their promises and being confirmed by the great friend of St Anne’s, Bishop Jack Nichols. As usual there are a mix of boys and girls among the adults who have been prepared over the last six months or so. Some of them I have baptised, others have come into this Church via another denomination. But each one has their own particular journey that has led them to July the 17th.

A liturgy that is both joyful and dignified will be conducted during which the candidates will from the silence of their own hearts know why they are publicly affirming their baptismal promises. They will each be anointed with the Holy Oils and will make their first Communion on that day.

It is an appropriate time for all of us who are already confirmed to reflect on our own journey in the Faith and to give thanks to God for where it has taken us….so far! Please do pray for them and for our confirming Bishop Jack and all our candidates, thanking God for the continuing life of this Church in our village.

Ewan George Cain, Ellie Rose Sharrocks, Matilda Joan Brunning, Isabel Grace Clayton, Jayne Alison Wilcock, Tia Ellen Brown, Evie Martha Bennet, Lewis Michael Nixon, Bella Joanne Wheeler, Maisie Emma Stewart, Joshua James Lloyd, Lucy Isobel Robinson, Gemma Louise Jackson, Hannah Elizabeth Vaughan, Louis Sebastian Vaughan, Andrew Paul Luxton, Livia Louise Luxton, Emma Lucy Luxton, Sandra Stanniland.

The Vicar