Well, what a busy year it has been again at St Anne in Tottington!! As I peruse my diary for 2014 I see glimpses of white paper amidst a sea of ink!! So many things have come and gone and before we know where we are we will be preparing for Lent!!

Throughout the year there have been real red letter days such as Nick Bebb’s licensing as a Reader, the Church visit to the National Arboretum, the Vigil to mark the outbreak of World War One, Tottington’s Big Day Out, the wonderful and deeply meaningful services in Holy Week and Easter and the top of the pops hymn service (I believe Ken Bayliss’s fingers have just about recovered!).

There have been so many people coming to Church to celebrate their marriage, the baptism of their child (and quite a few adults too) or to mark some milestone in their lives. We have also mourned the loss of old friends who have been stalwarts for either the community or the Church. In fact the whole tapestry of human emotions has been evident in our week to week business.

We have also experienced and known the joy of shared friendships and support and this has been tangible at so many of our social gatherings.

As we come to the end of another year in our Church life we would do well to offer a real prayer of thankfulness to God for the many blessings that we receive from his hand in this place and perhaps commit ourselves again, with renewed vigour our work as good and faithful workers in this little patch of God’s acre that we have been asked to care for; in His care, surrounded by His love, supported by His Grace and the priceless gift that is human love and friendship.

The Vicar