The Christmas 100 club draw takes place Sunday 21st December in the Parish Hall after the morning communion service.

  • First prize is a very welcome Christmas present for someone at £1,000.
  • Second prize is still very welcome but a little more modest at £150
  • Third prize a presentable £50

Jean Crabtree is to run the event for 2015. Several more people have already subscribed to start in 2015 so next year prizes will be even bigger, but to borrow a well know phrase “you have to be in it to win it”. So anyone interested in joining for 2015 at £5 per month please contact Jean, the wardens , Roger Morley or the Vicar to set up your standing order.

Membership has already increased to 73 so next years prize fund is already over £2,000. We will continue with monthly prizes and the bumper Christmas Draw.

New members must sign up before the end of January 2015.