On Sunday the 27th February after church, Judi Morley asked me to send out an email to the whole congregation telling everyone that a truck was leaving from the Polish Club in Bury the following Friday, taking much needed supplies to the Polish/Ukraine border for the Ukrainian refugees.

Judi and I offered our houses as collection points for donations. I think perhaps we expected maybe a car full each to take down to them by the following Thursday night, but boy, were we wrong.

Donations immediately started to pour in, and before the day was over my garage was full. Yvonne Wright circulated the email to everyone she knows, and by the end of Monday, Judi and I were completely overwhelmed. The huge wave of kindness from everyone at church was so moving, and even people who don’t come to our church were phoning to ask could they contribute. Every day after that was the same.

Our plan to wait till Thursday to take anything down to the Polish Club was abandoned and my husband Mike and Judi’s husband Roger, were driving down there every day with their cars full to the top. The Tottington Centre was sending so much that we asked them to take it directly to the Polish Club because we couldn’t cope. Bob from The Riot Band volunteered his huge van, and drove it down there full to the top. It was breathtaking.

But the most astonishing thing was the site when we got to the Polish Club. We were left completely speechless by the volume of boxes and bags that were arriving constantly at the centre. The entire hall was filling up to the ceiling, and the people at the Centre were almost in tears.

Judi and I would like to say a very special thank you to everyone who brought things to our houses for the refugees. The response was just overwhelming, and I was moved to tears on several occasions by people’s generosity, love and kindness.

I’m sure we’re not alone in praying that this conflict ends peacefully very soon.

Judi and Carole x

A special thankyou…

A very special thank you to Malcolm Armstrong who sent an alert out to his colleagues in the Rossendale and Pendle Mountain Rescue, who all volunteered to help. The Polish Centre had sent out an urgent message asking people not to send any more because they were full to the rafters, but they needed help to sort them and load them onto the huge truck that was leaving on Friday for Poland.

The Mountain Rescue response was immediate, and they were so kind and so very capable.

What an astonishing response, and a beacon of light in a very dark time.

Thank you everyone, so much.