8.00am Holy Communion 1662 Book of Common Prayer
10.15am Family Communion – The Family Communion is the principal act of worship and the main weekly assembly of the parish, old and young.

Coffee is served in the Village Hall following Family Communion.

Parade is on the second Sunday of the month.

Evensong, 1662, either said or sung as announced.

Other Services

Holy Communion every Wednesday at 11.00am.

Saints’ Days and Holy Days as announced.

Home Communions for the housebound and infirm, by arrangement.

Holy Baptism

Holy Baptism usually 12.30pm on Sundays or by arrangement with the Vicar.

Sacraments for the Sick

Holy Communion, anointing with the Holy Oil and counseling are available, for the needs of all Parishoners and especially those who are unable to come to Church.

The Clergy would like you to inform them of anyone who is sick, new to the parish, or who for any reason would like to be visited.


Any adult or child over the age of 11 years may seek preparation to be confirmed. Confirmation should lead to a life of regular worship and communion; attendance at the Parish Communion is a most important part of this preparation. Contact the Vicar to be enrolled for confirmation.

Holy Matrimony

Holy Matrimony by arrangement with the Vicar.


Every parishoner has the right to the normal practice of a service in Church, followed by a commital. Please ask your Funeral Director to contact the Vicar.