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Run For Cover

The youngsters of St Anne Tottington's “God Squad” organised their 2nd event for the homeless: a marathon, albeit 26 of them running 1 mile each! This soon evolved into a challenge from the over 30s after vicar Hugh Bearn got wind of the event. So with the facilities...


The Church is proud to announce that the following persons have recently been confirmed by the Bishop Suffragan of Bolton: Mandy Smith, Archie Smith, Giles Smith, Lindsay Graham, Samantha Graham, Garry Hacking, Katie Brown, Louis Bancroft, Natasha Morgan, Clarissa...


Just a reminder to everyone that I don’t have a crystal ball ! If anyone needs visiting or needs a chat about some matter or other, please contact me by the various means available. Also I am more than happy to be reminded. The Vicar

St Anne's Church, Tottington
At the heart of the village since 1799.

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