There is much that goes on behind the scenes in Church life that many are unaware of. This is the case in the production of the parish magazine that was established in 1942 by the then Vicar, the Reverend Rogers.

For the last 18 years Joyce Johnson has been the editor, collecting and collating articles, setting it out, liaising with the printers in Bolton and offering kindly reminders to the Vicar that his, “material will be needed very soon!!”

David Robinson has acted as Joyce’s Chief of Staff arranging for the magazines to be received, bundled up and ready for collection and delivery on a monthly basis; even providing seasonal bands for the December issue.

The February issue will be the last that they take responsibility. It is proper therefore that I thank them both on behalf of all at St Anne’s for the massive effort that they have made in ensuring that this historic element and organ of Church information has been so well maintained and executed on their watch.

One of our Deputy Churchwardens, Carole Spirit will be running with the magazine from the March edition onwards and we thank her in advance for her willingness to serve the Church in this way.

PS. I am hoping that Joyce will continue to remind me at the Church door, “Have you got the material in yet Vicar!!

Thanks again Joyce and David

The Vicar