Throughout the course of most years we have visitors to St Anne’s from all over the world.

A few weeks we ago I entertained a couple from Germany and in the last few months I have said hello to folk from South Africa, India, the USA, Canada and Spain. You’d think that St Anne’s was a cosmo, cultural centre!!  Maybe it is, but notwithstanding, this Church continues to generate considerable feelings of belonging and emotional and spiritual connectedness.

I continue to conduct marriage services for couples who no longer live in the parish and at Christmas I baptised a little boy on his way back to Hong Kong!

We are blessed with many friends at St Anne’s from all over the world. Financial obligations never cease however and they certainly don’t get any lighter!

This is an appeal to you who may be regarding this and for whom St Anne’s has a special place in your heart.

St Anne’s needs your financial help – can you commit to £5 a-week to ensure that it continues to serve this community in Tottington as it has done for you and your family?

The statistics below included in the Church Treasurers Report at the Annual General Meeting of Parishioners this month say all that needs to be said – the proof of endearment is endowment – thank you for your friendship.

The Vicar

Are you really giving sufficient to your Church for the service it offers to you and the community?

I reported a £7,000 shortfall of income over expenditure for the year to 31st December 2014 at the recent AGM. This is after adding back £12,000 of Gift Aid Monies received after the year end.

This shortfall is set to continue in 2015 as there are no realistic savings we can make to the expenditure which are therefore projected to be £105,000 in 2015. This would ensure the Church continues to be maintained to the standard we have come to expect and that the graveyard is tended as in 2014.

£105,000 breaks down to be an actual cost of £2,019 per week to open the Church doors.

So if we are to meet our running costs in 2015 at £105,000 the only way to achieve this is by increased giving. We have a base of “other” income at £20,000 (one off donations, 100 club, fees etc.) so we need to raise the remaining £85,000 from regular giving.

We have a rolling congregation of 200 people so this means each person should be giving £8.17 per week or £35.42 per month.

How much do you value St Anne’s and are you therefore giving enough?

Roger Morley (Hon treasurer)
19th April 2015