To celebrate the wonderful reign of our Queen Elizabeth II the room had been decorated in the afternoon by members of the Committee, with a table for each decade from the 1950’s to present day.

Around 44 members arrived in the evening for the Jubilee party.
Alison and Mavis were both on holiday, so Isobel and Margaret Parker took on their roles. Bridget opened proceedings with prayers, remembering our Queen and also Ukraine.

The party then got under way with an assortment of sandwiches made by our caterer Sam, followed by jelly and cream, or even Carnation Milk if you really wanted a trip down memory lane! Scones with jam and cream and an assortment of cakes completed the nostalgic style of the buffet, and it was all great fun.

Prosecco was provided by Sian who had just celebrated her birthday a few days before and Isobel donated some bottles of wine.

There was a quiz with questions from throughout the decades and background music was played from the same eras. The tables were full of memorabilia from the decades, bringing back many memories for members to talk about as they walked around.

The room was abuzz with lots of reminiscences of times from Queen Elizabeth’s great reign.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed in any way. A great time was had by all and many of us commented on what a good evening it was.

Jean x