October 2022

The October meeting started at 7.15pm in the Church Hall, with a service led by our Branch Leader Alison and Deputy, Mavis. 35 members and two guests attended, and we were all delighted to see Pat Scott who brought greetings with her from Marion!

We all enjoyed a crafting evening and celebrated the 90th Birthday of our dear member, Paula.
Happy Birthday to Paula! 🎉

Paula kindly brought cake and refreshments to the meeting for members to join in the celebrations!

Knitted teddies continue to be made by Mothers’ Union members for Airport Chaplaincy and elsewhere for Ukrainian children. We enjoyed labelling teddies from

St Anne’s ready to take to the airports, and had lots of fun, crafting and chatting and of course eating cake and drinking wine
or fruit juice!

Thank you Paula for your generosity.

The Mothers’ Union Newsletter (October 2022) was available on each table for members to read, reminding us of the hard work that takes place together with news from around the Manchester Diocese.

We are now taking orders for our Mothers’ Union 2023 Diary, and we’re planning to invite the Mothers’ Union shop to our December meeting where lots of lovely Christmas things will be available to buy.

A thank you email from Rebecca Jackson, guest speaker from The Big Fandango, was shared with members – a huge thank you to St Anne’s Mothers’ Union members for their support, kindness and generosity both during the September 2022 meeting and following. It was very much appreciated.

HMP Manchester has re-opened its children’s play area, and in response to our appeal last month, members kindly brought felt tip pens, crayons, stickers, paint brushes, paint and paper to the meeting and we made up ‘craft packs’ labelled from St Anne’s Modern Mothers’ Union to take to the prison for the children to enjoy.

November 2022

We celebrated the Diamond Wedding Anniversary of Vera and Phil Rigby with a glass of sherry kindly donated by Vera followed by a mince pie.

Congratulations to the happy couple!
The evening was spent creating beautiful
Christmas table decorations and wreaths facilitated
by Pat Blake and Margaret Garlick.
Lots of fun was had by all.

Thank you to Pat and Margaret for all their work in making the evening a huge success.

Contents of the ‘Backpack’ initiative were displayed for members to view and the Mothers’ Union shop was available to buy products from.
Frances xxx

Mothers’ Union Business

The meeting started at 7:15pm in the Church Hall, with a service led by Isobel Hinchliffe. Thirty-two Mothers’ Union members attended plus one guest, Frances Brough from the Mothers’ Union shop.

Welcome and local branch news shared.
Notices read out.
Thank you cards received, Get Well Wishes shared and a Wedding Anniversary celebrated.

Thank you to all MU members that offered their help and served refreshments following the Parade and Act of Remembrance service at the Village War Memorial. It was very well attended.

2022 Christmas Party, Greenmount Golf Club. 7th December 2022, 6:30pm. l Visiting of the housebound prior to the festive season encouraged.

Further suicide prevention training available.

Deanery & Diocesan update:

AGM and Autumn Council meeting took place on 22 October 2022.

Alison delivered the donations from St Anne’s, Tottington branch.

Manchester Diocese relocating to St John’s House, 155-163, The Rock, Bury, BL9 ONE in February 2023.

MU roles vacant- secretary and AFIA Coordinator.

Transformation Now… Manchester Diocese has committed to focus on three priorities: simplify all administration, increase the network of support for those experiencing domestic abuse, grow the MU membership.

Cumulative positive impact of MU work shared.

Feedback from MU projects – AFIA and Mark Turnbull – services to transform individual lives.