The July meeting commenced with an Admission Service in Church, when the Vicar admitted four new members to the Mothers’ Union. They are Kath Castick, Avril Healy, Ruth Hodson, and Barbara Riley.
They are most welcome to our Branch and will enjoy our many activities and events.

After the Service we adjourned to the Parish Hall, where we enjoyed sherry or orange juice, and fancy biscuits, provided by Lena Foote, and Neville, sharing in her celebration of 70 years of marriage and also her 94th birthday. A wonderful lady!

Marion thanked everyone who helped at the recent ‘Tottington Big Day Out’. We gave over £200 towards the money raising event.

Our speaker was Father Trevor Burgess, from Lymm in Cheshire. We had enjoyed his previous visit to us and we were certainly not disappointed this time. He gave a talk entitled “Seven Deadly Sins”. He distributed a copy of a 1516 painting by Hieronymous Bosch. The Sins – Pridem Envy, Greed, Anger, Lust, Sloth and Gluttony were compared with modern day interpretations.

We had an hilarious evening in his company as he regaled us with many very funny stories relating to his subject of the seven sins.
Father Burgess was thanked for a very enjoyable evening by Joyce Johnson. I am sure he will be invited back to entertain us in the future.