Our M.U.Branch A.G.M. was held on Tuesday, February 17th, and, in spite of the cold weather there was a good attendance. Chris Jupp, our only male member, led a short service before the meeting proper began.

Then Marion took over. In the absence of Elsie, Cynthia read out the minutes from the A.G.M. 2014, and also took notes from this meeting.

Other official reports followed, starting with Val, our Treasurer, who announced that we still have a healthy bank balance. Margaret, Speakers’ Secretary, thanked everyone who had suggested speakers to her, also those who help with the votes of thanks.

Irene and Margaret, our ‘sick’ visitors, have visited members for various reasons – illness, bereavement, 70th, 80th, 90th birthdays, as well as a Golden Wedding Anniversary. They demonstrate the caring side of our branch.

The Prayer Circle also, led by Shirley, provide a circle of prayer that goes round to each branch of the Deanery.

Shirley has now resigned after 19 years in office.
Then the election of Officers took place. The results were as follows:-

  • Secretary Elsie Hare
  • Treasurer Val Rayner
  • Speakers’ Secretary Margaret Whittaker
  • Committee:-
    • Cynthia Bennett
    • Mavis Jolley
    • Sandra Cain
    • Glo Jupp
    • Jean Crabtree
    • Margaret Parker
    • Pauline Cundliffe
    • Kath Rigby
    • Joan Dickinson
    • Vera Rigby
    • Allison Gallacher
    • Pat Scott
    • Brenda Ware

Next we heard Marion’s Annual report. First she thanked Elsie for all her hard work for the M.U., which extended beyond being a secretary. Elsie takes an active interest in the members, she is very loyal to Marion herself and puts every effort into organising our outings – for example the trip to Barton Grange and Cleveleys last Summer – down to the last detail.

Then Marion thanked Val, who has a very responsible job keeping the finances in order, and Vera who assists her. Margaret was also thanked for her work ensuring a varied and interesting programme of speakers, and for welcoming them at each meeting.

Margaret Parker and Irene Jones, continued Marion, show their care in their visits to members and Joyce, Cynthia and Pat help with the reports of meetings printed in the magazine, reported on the church web-site and in the Bury Times.

Bridget, Chris and the Vicar help us by conducting the services for the M.U. and lastly the members of the Committee, who all work together as friends.

Marion continued, saying we are an active, friendly branch, members of a world-wide organisation, which we support in various ways – with our prayers and subscriptions. We should remember that we help mothers both at home and overseas, for example money sent to ‘Make a Mother’s Day’, will help mothers in overseas areas.

At home last year we contributed to the 2000 ‘Goody Bags’ for University students, studying away from home for the first time. We help the homeless with provision of clothes and sleeping bags and knit garments for babies in need.

Events Marion reminded us of included the Family Fun Day in Tottington, organised for the M.U. by Brenda Ware, also the Social evening shared with ladies from St. Hilda’s. Marion ended her report by saying she hopes the coming year will be a good one and quoted from John Wesley’s Rule of Conduct:

“Do all the good you can
By all the means you can
In all the ways you can
In all the places you can
At all the times you can
To all the people you can
As long as ever you can”

Finally Chris thanked Marion for her tireless work, care and devotion for our M.U.Branch and its members.

As the meeting closed, members enjoyed refreshments, including potato pie supplied by Chris from the Village Bakery.