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The Mothers’ Union A.G.M. was held on Tuesday, March 18th in the Church Hall, after a short service led by Bridget, for the many members who were present. Before the meeting proper, however, Marion, out Branch Leader, asked everyone to stand in memory of a very loyal M.U. member who died last year – Mary Gregory.

Then she welcomed everyone for coming in such good numbers on a very cold evening.
Elsie, our secretary, was the first officer to give her report of the past year. She was followed by Valerie, the Treasurer, then Margaret, Speakers’ Secretary and Irene, our Sick Visitor.

Each officer’s report was very positive, showing how Tottington St. Anne’s M.U. is indeed thriving.
Marion spoke for the Prayer Circle in Shirley’s absence, also the Action and Outreach group. The latter, now that the Lyndon home is gone, is hoping to start visiting Abbeywood very soon, in order to hold a monthly service there. In preparation for this an attractive new hymn book has been printed.

The election of Officers and Committee came next and as both were the same as last year they were elected en bloc.

They are as follows:-

Secretary – Elsie Hare
Treasurer – Valerie Rayner
Speakers’ Secretary – Margaret Whittaker

Committee – Cynthia Bennett, Sandra Cain, Jean Crabtree, Pauline Cundliffe, Joan Dickinson, Allison Gallagher, Mavis Jolley, Glo Jupp, Margaret Parker, Kathleen Rigby, Vera Rigby, Pat Scott, Brenda Ware.

Marion, our Branch Leader’s report came next. This was also a positive one, confirming that the Branch is in good shape. Marion reported that last year had been a busy one, and pointed out how last year’s weather meant that special events such as the outing to Llandudno and Music in the Park were enjoyed in glorious sunshine. She thanked the officers individually – Elsie, Valerie and her assistant, Vera, Margaret Whittaker, Irene and Margaret parker, Shirley, Cynthia, Pat and Joyce, all of whom give of their best for M.U.

Bridget, Chris and the Vicar were thanked for conducting the services prior to the meetings, and finally the ladies of the Committee who prepare the meeting room, get the refreshments ready and so on – doing everything that contributes to the smooth running of the meetings.

Marion listed some of the things that our Branch has supported during the past year, such as ‘Make a Mother’s Day’, providing babygrows for needy new mothers, knitted baby blankets and clothes, given scarves for women in Africa, toilet bags for hospital patients, and not least, helped provide 2,000 goody bags for ‘Fresher’ University students, distributed in Manchester.

Members have attended events in the Diocese, for example the evening celebrating 125 years of M.U. in Manchester, held at Christ Church Walmersley, which enabled members to meet members from other branches in the Diocese. Another happy event was the Christmas party held at Greenmount Golf Club.

However, the October meeting was a party to beat all parties, as Marion described the ‘open’ evening to celebrate the birth of Prince George, but in practice it was a celebration of Marion’s special birthday – to thank her for all her dedication and work for our M.U. It was a complete surprise to her, as was the gift of a garden bench!

To end her report Marion thanked everyone for their continuing support and friendship. Margaret Whittaker thanked Marion for all her hard work which ensures that the M.U. functions well, and presented her with a colourful glass ornament – a Friendship Globe.

When the meeting closed there were drinks of sherry to celebrate Pat’s special birthday and also potato pie, supplied by Chris in the village, which is now a custom after the A.G.M.