There was a good number of members at the M.U. Annual General Meeting, in spite of several people being absent through illness. Before the meeting proper began, Bridget conducted a short service. Then Marion asked everyone to stand in silence to remember Joan Dickinson, who died last year, “with thankfulness”.

Our Leader then welcomed everyone to the meeting, including new members. Then followed the reports of the officers – first Cynthia, standing in for Elsie, read the minutes of the last A.G.M.; then Val (Treasurer) explained the accounts and thanked her helpers, Kathleen Brooks (Auditor), Neville & Ben for technical support, also Vera and Sandra, who assisted. She told us that money received from Joan had already paid for daffodil bulbs (Joan’s favourite flower) planted in the churchyard, for Mothering Sunday flowers, and a donation to the ‘Wheels Appeal’ for overseas.

Margaret Whittaker (Speakers’ Secretary) had the new programme ready to distribute. She thanked everyone who suggested speakers, which helps to provide an interesting and varied mix of talks. Margaret said that speakers say how they enjoy coming to St. Anne’s because the ladies are so friendly.

Sick visitor Margaret P., speaking for herself and Irene J. listed the visits they had made to members, for celebrations as well as illness. These included 15 ‘get well’ ones, six bereavements, two Silver Weddings, a 70th Wedding Anniversary, and a 90th birthday.

Joyce, who now represents us in the Prayer Circle, having taken over from Shirley, asked people to give her the names of those needing our prayers, and reminded us that prayer is a most important part of the M.U.

Marion gave her own report as Leader, first thanking Bridget for conducting the services at the start of each meeting. She then thanked the officers – Elsie, who is standing down as secretary, was thanked for her work and loyalty, and Cynthia, now leaving the Committee, was thanked for all she has contributed.

Val’s continued expertise and reliability with our finances are much appreciated. In addition, Val has just researched our membership, finding just how long many people have been members. For example, Betty Duckworth has been a member for 73 years. Remarkable!

Marion continued, thanking all officers and committee members who help make our branch a success.
She thanked all members who have very generously provided ‘goody bags’ for University Freshers, warm clothing for homeless people, as well as giving money to help overseas. Recalling events of the past year – she mentioned the ‘Big Day Out’ when M.U. made cream teas. This year we plan a Bottle Stall for a change, with bottles of all kinds.

To end the meeting Margaret Whittaker thanked Marion, whose hard work for the group is much appreciated, and presented her with a gift. Then all enjoyed refreshments – potato pie and cups of tea.

Officers & committee elected for the coming year are as follows: – Treasurer – Val Rayner, Deputy – Vera Rigby, Speakers’ Secretary – Margaret Whittaker,
Committee: Sandra Cain, Jean Crabtree, Pauline Cundliffe, Allyson Gallagher, Elsie Hare, Mavis Jolley, Irene Jones, Glo Jupp, Margaret Parker, Kath Rigby, Pat Scott, Margaret Shaw, Hilary Smith, Brenda Ware.