Alison welcomed around 30 members to our meeting, which started with our Service, led by Isobel Hinchliffe, one of our Church Readers.

Isobel also introduced the current MU Bible study course – Metamorphosis – in keeping with the theme of personal transformation, and transforming local communities which is the MU focus this year.

Metamorphosis is Mother’s Union’s approach to enabling and supporting meaningful relationships with God. Through these dialogues we have been inspiring transformation in individuals, churches and communities across 10 countries for over a decade.

Within the UK and Ireland, our Metamorphosis approach combines different tools, techniques and suggestions to enable and equip churches to identify the skills, experience and gifts within the church that can be used to transform their communities from the inside out, help others and identify strengths within the community that can be built upon.

We achieve this through creative exercises and engaging bible-based workshops that can involve all members of the community and allow churches to put their learning into practice. As a result, churches can expect to see transformation in their communities through taking action, building skills and developing relationships. Experience has also shown that faith in God and confidence also grow.

If anyone would like to volunteer to go along with Isobel, they would be very welcome.

Please contact Isobel on 07527 356527 or email her at, if you would like to help.

Frances Branton, our Diocesan and National MU link, gave an update, and included details of the Make a Mother’s Day initiative which we’re always happy to support.

Mavis reminded everyone that our next meeting is the AGM on March 15th where we’ll be served Pie and Peas. Please let Mavis or Alison know if you are attending ASAP please, preferably with the £4 fee for the food.

Alongside the business of the meeting, we’d like to have some fun with a Members Quiz of sorts. Alison explained that as our membership is quite large there are lots of people who are known to her and each other, but it would be good to know each other better. She invited all members to send a photo of themselves to her with details of ‘three things not many people know about me’ which they are happy to share, and this will be worked into our evening.

The evening turned to the theme of books and Alison mentioned that recent research from the National Literacy Trust showed that nearly half of all children surveyed in 2021said they did not enjoy reading, and only a third of them read for pleasure. She encouraged members to think about promoting reading with children in their families and extended social groups and shared a useful link for how to choose books for children

Alison shared a book that had an impact on her as a young person. She was stunned by the cartoon book by Raymond Briggs ‘When the Wind Blows,’ just at that moment in her life when she was thinking about the future. She read it in 1984 when the world was holding it’s breath about Russia invading Poland and the threat of nuclear war was very real. On the surface the book is about two elderly people apparently not realising that war is imminent, that a nuclear bomb has been dropped and that radiation is making them ill.

Going back to the book recently it seemed to her less like a story of two people who were ‘out of touch’ and more a love story about two people who do know that things are very bad for them, but choose to keep each other cheerful and put a very brave face on their situation – actually like the experiences of some of our older members struggling with illness.

She encouraged those who are interested in joining the Visiting Team and giving some time to keep others cheerful in adversity to get in touch.

Bridget then explained our evening of craft work. She had provided each table with the equipment to make cards and bookmarks, and everyone was given a Mandala as inspiration. We were all very industrious and our cards and bookmarks looked lovely. Bridget laminated the bookmarks for us and we added ribbons.

Lots of treats were brought in by members during the evening – Chocolates from Brenda to celebrate her Golden Wedding anniversary, and wine from Frances for Valentine’s Day.
Thank you ladies! Much appreciated!

After our tea and biscuits, and a very interesting evening, our meeting ended at 9.30pm. We were all delighted with our efforts.

Jean x