An evening with Guest Speaker Annie Cowie from ‘Gone to Pot,’ a local artist and potter who delivered a very interesting demonstration on how to create handcrafted gifts and curiosities together with her life as a volunteer! There were also items for sale on the night.

The demonstration consisted of hand crafting a wooden box into a very attractive tissue box! The recipe included:

  • A napkin and mulberry fibreless paper
  • Ordinary PVC from The Works
  • Woof for crafters
  • Household emulsion
  • Cling film
  • Emery board
  • Varnish
  • Three coats of paint, three coats of varnish and glue

Annie’s handcrafted gifts and curiosities include canvasses, trays, watering cans, tissue boxes, coasters and place mats, plant pots and guitars, of which there were items on display and for sale. She attended Bury Arts and Crafts Centre as a young Mother of two, where she undertook jewellery making, pottery and woodwork.

She really enjoyed the classes where she started making cards, with a group of ladies once a month. Her brother sold the cards travelling round local Dentists in his area of work.

At her local Women’s Institute, she learned how to decorate plants pots and attended a workshop. She then went onto sell decorated pots at her local hairdressers. She now sells plant post at Ramsbottom and Unsworth libraries, and all her hand-crafted gifts and curiosities at Craft Fairs, local stalls and in Tottington Post Office. Annie uses facebook and What’s on in Tottington to buy products, including The Beano, as part of her creative stock, together with other suppliers. She attends Colne Craft Fair where her products are sold with the proceeds going to the local Theatre.

Annie says she is very creative, she finds the gifts a pleasure to make and loves socialising with people at such events when she is selling her gifts! She has a craft Fair at St Hilda’s Church on 25 November 2023, if anyone is interested in coming along….

Annie then went on to talk about her life as a volunteer. She has always been involved in voluntary work and fundraising since her children were young. She worked as Bury Cancer Support Centre for 5 years, involved in planning charity events where she raised lots of money for a worthy cause.

She then went onto work at Bury Red Door Project where she and friends made soup for those accessing the charity, followed by working for The Big Issue in its fundraising department. She then went onto work at Bury Jubilee Centre for 3 years where she still does the gardening.

She and colleagues have been very creative recently in making scarecrows for the garden that both adults and children love to have their photos taken with! She works with her friend Nikki at Greenmount Jumbe Sale Centre and they both recently they joined ‘Bury Beat the Street’ project as volunteers supporting the homeless three nights per week.

The project provides a delivery service to those in need. Annie has a passion for helping people, fundraising and crafting, an inspiration to us all! A very informative evening, which generated a lot of discussion in many ways. We all thanked Annie for attending our Mother’s Union meeting and delivering such a ‘food for thought’ presentation in many ways…